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What is your most popular package?

Traditionally is has been our Classic package (10 Hours of coverage with highlight and documentary film delivered afterwards)


This past year with Covid we've done a lot of Essential Packages with a livestream added on, as well as custom packages for elopement style weddings.

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I want a highlight film, do you do that?

About 15 years ago, wedding films went from cheesy home videos to blockbuster movie trailers. Almost any videographer you book will be making you a highlight film. This is normally 4-6 minutes of the very best moments of your day. 


Like a movie trailer, it's often not in chronological order, instead it is a beautiful artistic interpretation of your day,; weaving together the best parts of the vows, speeches, getting ready moments, dancing, and of course, the first kiss.

These are the films you will most likely see on social media. We are big fans, but being a married man myself (this is Oliver writing), I also put a lot of value on creating a second film, that we here at Muskoka Wild and Free call The Wedding Documentary.

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What is a Wedding Documentary?

It's the time-capsule your future self is begging for :)


A wedding documentary is a chronological film of your wedding day. The documentary allows you to see a lot more of what your videographer captured on your wedding day. A typical wedding documentary is as follows ;

The one hour wedding documentary (approximate) usually follows this format. 

- 3-4 minute; Montage of getting ready (approx one song length - this is extra stuff that maybe didn't make the highlight video)
- 30 minutes / 1 hour; Full ceremony (x3 camera angles, high quality audio)
- 3-4 minute; Montage of photo session (in between moments, jokes, laughing, fun moments)
- 2-4 minutes; Reception Grand Entrance + First Dance 
- 30 minutes; Speeches in their entirety (x3 camera angles, one on the podium, reaction cam of bride and groom, one roving camera for other candid reaction moments)
- 2-3 minute; Montage of cake cutting, dancing, or any other end of the night moments

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