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Making Forever Memories

It's your party
Let's talk about it

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Or is it an intimate affair?
Like a Bigfoot, you won't see me, but I'll be there.


We getting wild?
Cause I'll dance

bye bye oli.png

Whatever the vibe is, I'm here for it.
My personal goal is to make you a film that makes you fall in love all over again.
I plan for ten years from now. I picture the two of you, on the couch,
glass of wine, re-living your wedding and saying
"Thank Ryan Gosling (our Lord) we found that guy, he f@king nailed it."
I live for that.

How I work...

You're going to assemble a wedding team like this.

(Guatemala - very cool wedding)

There will be a lot of decisions to make. 

On my end, I'll make it easy;

- All Day coverage

(May I suggest two days for a really cool film)

- No travel fees (in Ontario or near Nosara)

- One 5-8 minute Highlight Film

- One Full Length Documentary (Ceremony, speeches, Dances and all the fun inbetween)

- An Instagram Meme friend for life!


What I need from you is a coffee or wine date over zoom.
That's it. I'll take care of the rest.

Where you'll find me.

Head dip.jpg



Dec - April 
Costa Rica

Hit me up!

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