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Hey lovebirds, gear up for the most thrilling journey of your lives – the adventure of marriage! And here's the scoop: We're tossing tradition out the window and doing it YOUR way, full throttle! Craving a lakeside "I do" in the enchanting Muskoka? Grab your paddles – we're setting sail! Dreaming of saying your vows on the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica? Pack your sunscreen, we're off to paradise! How about a love-filled sprint through the majestic landscapes of the Rockies after sealing the deal? Consider me your partner in crime!


No matter where your elopement dreams take you, I'm here to sprinkle some magic on the logistics, snag amazing vendors, and freeze those unforgettable moments in time.


Picture this: Planning is woven into my elopement packages like a cozy blanket. I've got the inside scoop on vendors, charming cabins, beachfront resorts, delectable local eats, and breathtaking photo spots ACROSS THE GLOBE! These packages are tailor-made for the rebels who are ready to shout "I do" from the mountaintops and want to do it their way – YOUR WAY!

But hang on, globetrotters! Travel isn't included because we're jetting off to your dream locale, and I'll crunch those travel numbers based on where your hearts desire! Muskoka is my backyard, so Algonquin is travel free, everywhere else will be a custom quote. 


And guess what? ALL packages come with a treasure trove of goodies: full planning and location scouting (I’ve got the map, you bring the love!), vendor matchmaking (like a matchmaking guru for your big day), mood board creation (because vibes are everything), timeline sorcery, and unlimited phone/Zoom calls for planning – because your dream day deserves ALL the attention.


Let’s kick off this adventure! 💍💫

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