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Oliwood Wedding Films
Muskoka + Nosara


I Married My Soul Mate

Hi, I'm Oliver Ward

Your Wedding Videographer.

That's me in 2012.


No beard.


Moments after our ceremony watching my wild wife acting like we just won the World Cup. We kinda did.

We had a week long wedding in the woods of Nova Scotia. Everything was DIY. It was unique. It was different.

It was 100% us. Our friends still talk about it today.

My biggest regret is not filming it. I guess I couldn't because I was the groom. 


But I wish... I WISH!!! I would have hired someone to capture the magic.

Let me tell you about it.

Watch the video below.


My Films are all about YOU

Intimate in Muskoka

Intentional love Nosara

Love on the Lake

Warmth in Winter
(must watch for 1st moment)

Amor en Guatemala

The Tuscan Sun


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